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Nov 8 General Election





St. Katharine Drexel Church,

40 Hidden Springs Rd, Alton, NH 03809   


Hours of Voting: 7am - 7pm


Citizens For Belknap Recommended


Not Recommended



New Hampshire House District 7

Alton & Barnstead

3 seats 

Barbara Comtois (R)

Steven Copithorne (D)

Paul Terry (R)

Sherry Dumais (D)

Peter Varney (R)

William O'Neill (D)


Our Recommendations

In Alton and Barnstead, the choice for reasonable and responsible candidates is a clear one.  


We urge you to examine each candidate’s More Information page, to review the irresponsible positions and actions they’ve taken.  


Barbara Comtois supported Free Staters Norm Silber and Michael Sylvia throughout the Gunstock ordeal, and when the chips were down, didn’t show up for the vote.  Ms. Comtois was one of 35 state reps who voted against allowing the legislature to condemn the January 6th violence at the U.S. Capitol. She is endorsed by WethePeopleNH, a fringe Libertarian group who disrupted an Executive Council meeting resulting in arrests, and angrily protested at Governor Sununu’s home.  


Steve Copithorne has spent 30 years working with the disabled for Lakes Region Community Services.  He said he is “ashamed” of the current representation for Alton and Barnstead, and wants to serve the people so they can see that sensible government can work.  Mr. Copithorne opposes the micromanaging of Gunstock, the nursing home and the corrections department wants to let the County Commission do its job.  

Paul Terry turned his back on his county by not showing up to the pivotal August 1st vote on Gunstock, with local jobs at stake, supported having NH secede from the United States (CACR 32), and has posted QAnon slogans.  After posting on Facebook that  he did not support seceding, he accepted a campaign contribution from the NH Independence PAC, which supports secession.  We strongly recommend that patriotic Alton & Barnstead voters vote for more sensible and qualified candidates.


Sherry Dumais is a recently retired nurse and nursing instructor, whose understanding of our health and mental health needs will be invaluable for the proper stewardship of our County nursing home.  Ms. Dumais writes that she stands for common sense, bipartisan legislation, and sound judgment, and will be a voice for women, children, the elderly and the underserved. 

Peter Varney missed over 40% of his roll call votes as a State Representative, and serves on no committees in the legislature.  He boycotted the Aug. 1 Gunstock meeting with Gunstock and local economy jobs at stake.   

William O’Neill is a former two-term legislator who writes that he was motivated to run by the lack of representation that Alton and Barnstead have received from their current reps.  He is a 35-year union member, and has served as president, treasurer and board member of the IBEW Local 2320.  In the legislature, he served on the Transportation and Labor committees.  He’s lived in Alton full time for five years, and summered here for decades.



County Commission District 3

Alton, Barnstead, Gilford, Laconia Ward 2

1 Seat

Steve Hodges (R)

Eliza Leadbeater


Our Recommendations

You can’t go wrong with either of these candidates.  


Mr. Hodges is the former elected Belknap County Sheriff for 15 years, former Dept. of Homeland Security manager, and knows how the county operates. He knows many of the current county employees and has a reputation as someone who gets things done. 


Ms. Leadbeater founded and headed Belknap County’s Economic Development Council for 15 years, and has 40 years of business and education experience. She also knows how the county operates and knows the players.

County Sheriff

1 Seat

Bill Wright (R)

Our Recommendations

Mr. Wright is the incumbent sheriff for Belknap County, and defeated his opponent Michael MacFadzen in the Primary, whom Citizens for Belknap supported.   


We wish Sheriff Wright well in his re-election bid and urge him to appoint a highly-skilled manager to take over day-to-day personnel management for the department to address the concerns of the employees.

Registrar of Probate

1 Seat

Alan Glassman (R)

Our Recommendations

Mr. Glassman is the incumbent for Registrar of Probate, serving three terms, and we feel that he will continue to serve the county as a good steward. He is a retired insurance executive.

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