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Nov 8 General Election





Belmont High School, 255 Seavey Rd, Belmont, NH 03220  


Hours of Voting: 7AM - 7PM


Citizens For Belknap Recommended


Not Recommended



New Hampshire House District 4


1 seat 

Justin Borden (D)

Travis O'Hara (R)


Our Recommendations

Justin Borden is a 24-year resident of the Lakes Region and has a degree in business management.  He has stated that “competent use of taxpayer funds and kept our state offices, sheriff’s departments, schools, and nursing homes operating efficiently — has been pushed aside in favor of cheap government” and favors a return to good governance.  Mr. Borden resides in Belmont.

Travis O’Hara is a fiscal Conservative who currently serves Belknap’s District 9.  He ran and  defeated Michael Sylvia in the new District 4 primary on a platform of government transparency, education choice, and traditional Republican values. Mr. O’Hara has said he will be a good steward of County assets.  

New Hampshire House District 8

Floterial District

2 seats 

Douglas Trottier (R)

Don House (D)

Nikki McCarter (R)

George Condodemetraky (D)


Our Recommendations

Doug Trottier is a first-term State Representative serving Belmont in Belknap District 6.  After redistricting, he is running in a floterial District 8, serving Belmont, Tilton & Sanbornton.   Mr. Trottier is a part-time deputy with the Belknap County Sheriff’s Department, and writes that he is a Constitutionalist and fiscal Conservative.  


Don House has an MBA and a masters in psychology, but had a 30-year career in IT services.  Mr. House now chairs Belknap House, a family homeless shelter for Belknap County.  He lists campaign finance reform, workers rights and government transparency as priorities


Nikki McCarter is an extreme Libertarian, and is not recommended.  Her website lists a fringe agenda of eliminating NH’s ballot reading machines and going to hand-count-only ballots – even in the biggest cities. Ms. McCarter was endorsed by We the People NH, a group which intruded at Gov. Sununu’s family home, disrupted an Executive Council meeting, resulting in arrests.  

George Condodemetraky is a professional engineer working with banks and title companies doing risk assessment.   He is a veteran and has served on local boards.  His efforts to campaign have been minimal.

County Commission District 2

1 Seat

Glen Waring (R)

Our Recommendations

Glen Waring is running unopposed in the general election after having won his primary.  Mr. Waring is a finance professional who worked for Belknap County, the Town of Gilford and educational institutions.   He notes his experience managing large budgets, leadership and management skills, and his attention to detail among his skill set.  In his next term, he would like to bring longer-term budgeting & planning for enhanced fiscal responsibility.

County Sheriff

1 Seat

Bill Wright (R)

Our Recommendations

Mr. Wright is the incumbent sheriff for Belknap County, and defeated his opponent Michael MacFadzen in the Primary, whom Citizens for Belknap supported.   


We wish Sheriff Wright well in his re-election bid and urge him to appoint a highly-skilled manager to take over day-to-day personnel management for the department to address the concerns of the employees.

Registrar of Probate

1 Seat

Alan Glassman (R)

Our Recommendations

Mr. Glassman is the incumbent for Registrar of Probate, serving three terms, and we feel that he will continue to serve the county as a good steward. He is a retired insurance executive.

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