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District 8  -  Belmont / Sanbornton / Tilton

Mr. Condodemetraky is a candidate for State Rep.

I ran for the US senate in 1998 on the democratic platform. I am for medical care for everyone SS Etc. I am a PE engineer I have held local office such as selectman Planning board sewer commissioner etc. moved to NH in 1969

I worked with the STATE DEPARTMENHT in Thaiand during the war from 1967 to 1971.   I worked with the CIA as chief engineer in the country of LAOS For 1 year.  When the Pathet Lao took over I was sent to Panama. I served in the corp of engineers as a LT. in Germany and France for 2 years I am a registered Professional Engineer in NH, Maine, Vermont , New York and Mass.  I am married 58 years. We have 3 sons who all live in NH and are all engineers.  I have started a number of companies   including GC Engineering, GC enterprises,and Tradz.

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