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District 2  -  Meredith

Ms. Creteau-Miller is a candidate for State Rep.

I was born and raised in NH and have spent my summers here in the lakes region since I was 7.

I’ve been a resident of Meredith for 12 years now. I raised my children in our wonderful state and now have 2 grandchildren growing up in NH.


I have served 3 years elected to a school board, 6 years as an alternate on a planning board. Before retirement I owned and operated the historic Walpole Inn in Walpole NH. 

I was secretary and then president of a parent/teacher group.  I developed a ski program for K-8th grades and ran the program for 10 years at a local ski area before passing it on to new parents. 

I take the pledge: No sales or income tax in NH

I pledge to keep Gunstock Mtn a county owned ski resort for our communities. 

I support a parents right to choose how their children are educated

I support the county nursing home and sheriff’s department. 

I will work hard for the people of Meredith and Belknap County.

Please vote Cindy Creteau-Miller

State Representative District 2, Meredith!

I am a reasonable person, a reasonable Republican and we can’t allow a dictatorship in NH!

my website:

Cindy Creteau-Miller

From the Laconia Daily Sun - September 8, 2022


"Like many in the Lakes Region, the fiasco at Gunstock Mountain Resort was a primary motivator to Cindy Creteau-Miller. Miller actually threw her hat in the ring for a position on the Gunstock Area Commission before shifting her focus to run as a representative.

“The first time I went to a Gunstock Area Commission [meeting], my jaw dropped open because I thought 'this this is not how you oversee a management team that is doing excellent [work],'" Miller said, who cited her own experience in the ski industry. “When your team is doing as good as this management team, making, what, $15, $18 million with $7 million net in the bank, you do not push back, you do not nitpick, you do not insult and badger. You praise them and say, 'What more can we do?'”

Miller stated she would like to see the mountain continue to be run by the county. The mountain has been a political and social flashpoint for the past 12 months amid lawsuits and tension between the management team and the commission.

“We have to get rid of the [Norm] Silbers and [Mike] Sylvias and that whole crazy right wing,” Miller said of two Republican House members involved with the Gunstock storm. “They are a radical right-wing group who call themselves Republicans. That's my opinion. We need more reasonable people. That's what pushed me to [run].”

Miller also cited the funding cuts of various county services as another reason for putting herself in the race.

“They want to take funding from the Belknap County Nursing Home. That's crazy. Our population is getting older and we need to take care of people,” Miller said. “And the sheriff's department, with all the violence in the world, why are we cutting their budget?”

Previously, Miller served on the school board in Walpole for three years, and served on the Alstead planning board as an alternate for six years.

“I have that background in community involvement and just listening to people,” Miller said. “I think it's time for me to get more involved here. I think we need reasonable, caring Republicans, not a right wing. I respect the people that are running as Democrats. I've met a couple of them. I think we're all more in the middle of the spectrum.”

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