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District 7  -  Alton / Barnstead

Ms. Dumais  is a candidate for State Rep.

I am a Registered Nurse running for New Hampshire State Representative  in Alton / Barnstead. 


Nurses are automatic and trained advocates for the underserved and vulnerable citizens within their communities.  I have worked as a nurse in New Hampshire for 40 years, and also as an instructor teaching healthcare administration courses for Granite State College.  I have taught clinical at the Huot Technical Center in Laconia in the Nurse’s Aid Program.  Being well versed in healthcare issues, both federally and within the state, I have an interest in working to advocate for women, children and the elderly at the state level.  I will be a strong voice for the under-served.

One local issue that is important to recognize is the Belknap County Nursing Home staffing problem.  I am someone who can deeply understand the problems this facility is experiencing and the need for a county long- term care facility as a necessary social safety net for our most fragile elders in need of long-term care and rehabilitation.  The county nursing homes are, in my opinion, the safest and best nursing facilities in the state, being well run and regulated.

I am a moderate Democrat candidate who cares about common sense, bipartisan, legislation and sound judgement in our state government.  Please consider writing me in for State Representative, Alton/ Barnstead, District 7 in the September 13th Primary Election to help me get on the general ballot for November 8.  An easy way to remember me is to put my name in your cell phone.  I’ll be knocking on doors soon with my running mates.  See you then!

Sherry Dumais

Alton Bay

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