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District 7  -  Alton/Barnstead

Mr. Hershey is a candidate for State Rep.


Individual accountability distinguishes those who succeed in life from those who fail while seeking fault in the system to blame, rather than themselves.  Perhaps the most disappointing example of a catastrophic failure is when all three State of NH Representatives for District 7 (Alton & Barnstead), chose not show to vote in person or vote remotely in what is likely the largest, government revenue generating (yes, government generating revenue for a positive cash flow), on the future of Gunstock.


The issue of pro or con isn’t the point, their independent decision NOT TO VOTE is not serving their constituents and is a breach of their public oath.  There are several general and unsubstantiated opinions that leasing the Gunstock mountain to a larger concern (most of whom are publicly traded  companies with shareholders requiring the maximization of profit to maximize their share price), would generate a greater percentage of the profits to the County of Belknap than what is currently being collected.  Recognizing a lift ticket is the core product sold, any increase in profit distribution will increase the ticket price.  I have not seen any statements purporting the increase in the contribution to the County will result in a tax decrease.


The unfortunate result will leave those who use the mountain to absorb the price increase without any economic offset to the taxpayer or business owner who attributes a portion of their revenue from Gunstock.  This thought process stems for a basic understanding of accounting.  My 30+ years in auditing and risk management with an annual department budget at times over $17MM / year, receiving several industry awards, published articles, featured speaker, demonstrates personal and professional accountability. 


I will be informed on the topics, garner input from my constituents through my website and vote every time not just when I feel like it.  If selected, I will have a job to do and will do it – every time, I will be accountable – every time!      

David S. Hershey

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