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District 5  -  Laconia Wards 1, 3, 4, 5, 6

Ms. Johnson is currently a state representative and is running for re-election

Sponsored a bill to take Budgetary control away from the Gunstock Area Commission, and give it to the Belknap County Delegation!

Ms. Johnson, along with candidates Terry and Silber, was a sponsor of House Bill 1078 to transfer control of Gunstock's budget to the Belknap delegation.  This was another case of overreach by the delegation in their ongoing effort to micromanage Gunstock's management team and control Gunstock's operation.   The bill was killed in committee - declared "inexpedient to legislate" by a vote of 19 - 0.   You may read the full text of this bill HERE.

Ms. Johnson is Endorsed by a Libertarian/Free Stater Group


The Liberty Alliance is a group that promotes an extreme Libertarian and Free State Libertarian agenda. They have rated all 424 of New Hampshire's legislators in terms of how well each of them conforms to their brand of Libertarian values.  Ms. Johnson, who pretends to be a Republican on the ballot, receives high marks from this group.  True Republicans may want to take this fringe endorsement under consideration before casting a ballot.  

Posted an Anti-Semitic Cartoon on her Facebook Page

Ms. Johnson posted on her Facebook page an anti-Semitic cartoon that originated from the neo-Nazi Daily Stormer website.   After a public outrage, the cartoon was removed. Ms. Johnson apologized for posting it, but did not disavow its content. Here are links to two articles on the subject:

Officials denounce anti-Semitic post by state Rep. Dawn Johnson

Sununu Condemns Rep. Johnson, Neo-Nazi Defends

Temple Meeting with Dawn Johnson Derails

Violated New Hampshire's Public Meeting Laws.

Ms. Johnson, as a member of the Gunstock Area Commission's "audit committee"  participated in two secret meetings of the committee, apparently violating New Hamsphire's 91-a public meetings requirements.   As state representatives sworn to uphold NH's constitution, they not only knew better, they failed the voters of Belknap County.

Please see the full Laconia Daily Sun story here:

As Gunstock audit finally arrives, committee's lack of Right to Know compliance raises questions about public access, transparency

Parents, Guns, and Climate . . .


Johnson voted Nay on HB 172.  This bill establishes greenhouse gas emission reduction goals for the state and establishes a climate ‘change action plan.


Johnson voted Yea on HB 1178.  This bill prohibited the state/city police from enforcing federal gun laws unless the state has a comparable law or bill.  This bill prohibits public employees from calling the police if a federal gun regulation (like “Gun Free School Zones”) is being violated unless a state law is also being violated.


Johnson voted Yea on HB 1431.  This bill establishes a Parental Bill of Rights. This bill would place extensive burden on schools, including an obligation to inform parents/guardians of a child who may be LGBTQ.

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