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District 2  -  Meredith

Ms. Mucci is a candidate for State Rep.

My name is Sandy Mucci and I am running for State Rep from Meredith

I would say that the most important skill that I have to offer is my ability to find commonality among disparate groups and create connections.  Listening is the key to understanding, and understanding is the key to cooperation. Life would be so dull if everyone thought the way I do and always agreed with me. (although I'd be willing to try that) The most powerful solutions are usually created from the melding of differences.


I care deeply about the Lakes Region and New Hampshire. I am running for office because I believe I can help untangle some of the difficulties we have found ourselves enmeshed within. I am fortunate to have arrived at my age with the health and energy to take on this project.


Why am I running? Because I care.  Here are the issues that are important to me:

Belknap County Management:

One of the jobs of your State Representative is to serve on the Belknap County Commission. Meredith has not had a clear voice at the table for the last 10 years and it shows. We can start with Gunstock and then add the County Nursing Home and Sheriffs Department. I am appalled and concerned because these institutions are important to our quality of life and need to be managed thoughtfully. Members of the County Delegation are responsible for the health of our County. This requires working together, finding common ground, and not bulldozing an agenda.

Women's Health

I grew up in a world where birth control and abortion were illegal. That Victorian-era “morality” has no place in modern society. Women deserve equal rights to determine their own beliefs and actions. We do not need to return to those dark ages.

Education Policy

We can not sustain our Democracy without an educated population. We all benefit when we have educated citizens. Public funds should be used for public education. Naturally, as taxpayers, we want to maximize the return on our investment. However, the energy around dictating to educators regarding curriculum and demanding librarians remove lists of books is horrifying. I would be a voice for the importance of public education.

Gun Safety

Both of my Grandfathers used guns. One was an avid hunter in Maine and the other a deputy sheriff in Carrol County and a farmer. I grew up in a household that had guns. My father taught me to shoot in my early teens and I enjoyed target shooting. I have read and understand the second amendment, including the history surrounding its inclusion in the Bill of Rights. I have yet to have anyone explain to me why it makes sense to have assault weapons, 50 or more round magazines, and bulletproof vests available to the general public.

Environmental Conservation

New Hampshire has a long history of protecting the environment. Conservation is a conservative value. If protecting our lakes and mountains is not a priority then what is more important?


​I am happy to answer any questions you may have.


Best - -


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