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District 7  -  Alton / Barnstead

Mr. O'Neil is a candidate for State Rep.

I served in the NH House out of Manchester, Ward 2 District 9, from 2013 to 2018.  I served 1 term on transportation and the next 2 terms on Labor. 


My background is labor as I am a 35 year member, former President, Treasurer and executive board member of IBEW Local 2320 NH. I was also a Member of the Teamsters Local 633


I was born and raised in NH, Grew up in Manchester and spent my summers in Alton at our cottage here. I sold my house in Manchester and moved up here 4 and a half years ago full time. 


I was going to wait until I retired to run for NH house again but was motivated to run due to the lack of representation Alton and Barnstead currently have. I think the breaking point was when two out of the three representatives voted to secede from the United States of America. The third Rep never goes to house sessions and serves on no committees. So we currently have 2 reps that don't want to be Americans  and one no show. We can do better.  


I enjoyed my time in the state house and look forward to going back there . 

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