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We are a group of citizens from across the political spectrum with the common purpose of restoring reasonable, responsible and representative government to our county.

Citizens for Belknap was born in November, 2021 as Citizens for Gunstock in response to the Belknap Delegation’s announced plan to remove three of Gunstock’s five area commissioners. When the community feared for the survival of Gunstock as we know it, we made our voices heard. The public outcry was immediate and swift!   In a matter of days, 2,400 people voiced their feelings on a petition, and in the weeks that followed the public response to that situation continued to grow. If you are reading this, you are no doubt aware of this ongoing drama.

​For months, as the “Gunstock issue” dominated newspaper front pages, it became clear to thousands of Belknap residents that their delegation’s behavior extended way beyond Gunstock, to every corner of our county.  Budget hearings became slash and burn operations where no County function was spared. Not the Nursing Home, not the Sheriff’s Department, not even Meals on Wheels!

Accordingly, Citizens for Gunstock broadened its focus to county-wide issues, and Citizens for Belknap was born.

We and the majority of Belknap residents are fed up with the runaway extremism in our County Delegation.  We are fed up with representatives who represent a tiny fraction of their constituents.  And we are fed up with Free Staters and Libertarians who call themselves Republicans and are seeking to shrink the scope of state and local government.

We are committed to a return to reasonable, responsible and representative government in our county.

We are committed to helping our citizens rid Belknap County of this invasive species and to take back our county at the ballot box this fall.


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