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Mr. MacFadzen is a candidate for Belknap County Sheriff

My name is Mike MacFadzen, and I am running for Belknap County Sheriff. I am a NH native and have lived in Laconia since 1986. I began my career in Law Enforcement with Laconia Police Dept. after being Honorably discharged from the US Air Force. I worked at Laconia for a little over 2 years and then served with the NH State Police for over twenty-two years and retired as a Detective Sergeant. In 2014 I began my career with Belknap County in the Restorative Justice Program and became the director of the program in 2017 and continue in that position.

I am running for sheriff because Belknap County deserves better than what is currently happening in the department. When I am elected the staff in the department will be treated fairly and respectfully. I will mentor and train the staff to help them achieve their career goals. Stabilizing the work environment will help retain personnel, protect the County from civil lawsuits, and most importantly make the Sheriff’s office a family orientated great place to work. This will help tremendously with recruitment and retention.

I will also rebuild the relationships with the local police and other agencies throughout the county. I will also reinstate the specialty teams with the local police agencies. Examples of this are drug investigations, technical accident investigation and criminal investigation group. I will also support the Special Operations Group, which currently is in operation but without significant support from the current sheriff. By working together with the local agencies, we will make Belknap County a safe and secure place to raise our families.

When I am Sheriff, I will also be accessible to the people of Belknap County. I will have positive relationships with non-law enforcement agencies, community groups and church groups. This is important as these groups are the foundation for making Belknap County a place that people want to live, work, and recreate at.

I firmly believe that by working together we can do great things. Paraphrasing President Ronald Reagan, we can accomplish great outcomes when no one cares who gets the credit. I will be open to ideas and suggestions and will not take them as an attack on my position of Sheriff. Ideas and suggestions build a vested interest in the department and create a team that wants to constantly improve. When this happens, everyone wins.

Thank you for your support and together we will make Belknap County ever better than it already is!!!

Mike MacFadzen

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