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Don’t let county chaos make a comeback

Updated: Mar 21

Laconia Daily Sun – Feb 8, 2024

Thought the chaos brought on by scheming extreme libertarians and disruptive Free Staters was gone? Think again.

Barnstead and Alton’s Rep. Barbara Comtois is proposing HB 1414 in Concord to siphon more money out of Gunstock, likely in hopes of destabilizing the organization. And surprise. It’s backed by most of the same people who opposed re-opening the mountain in 2022: Reps. Peter Varney and Paul Terry of Alton-Barnstead, and Tom Ploszaj of New Hampton and Center Harbor with first-term proteges Lisa Smart of Meredith, and Nikki McCarter of Belmont-Tilton joining the libertarian wrecking crew.

Led by Ms. Comtois, this same group tried to sabotage the repair of last year’s county budget, and we expect more obstruction for 2024.

Now comes word that former state representatives and Free Staters Norm Silber and Michael Sylvia are considering running for office again. The very two men who orchestrated the negligent havoc in the Gunstock Area Commission, facilitated nuisance litigation, and left Belknap County taxpayers holding the bag for a $50,000 legal bill. The very men who Gov. Chris Sununu said in a 2022 letter to the Citizens of Belknap County, “These individuals have made bad decisions, and until they are removed from their positions and replaced with good people who recognize the wonderful asset that Gunstock is, the County will continue to suffer.”

Also getting in on the action, so we’ve heard, is former state representative Dawn Johnson, whose lack of judgment put the county’s economy at risk, and when she wasn’t storming out, caused disruptions in the city, school board and delegation meetings she attended.

Reasonable Belknap County voters take heed. Don’t let county chaos make a comeback.

Prudy Morin Veysey


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