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YOU Can Make a Difference


Running for Office

Extremists almost drove Belknap County and Gunstock Mountain Resort into the ditch over the last four years.


We were fortunate in 2022 that some good, reasonable people stepped up to become citizen legislators overseeing our county and state affairs.  And because of them, several extreme legislators were voted out But there is much more work to be done.


As a state representative, you would represent the constituents of your city ward, town, or a group of towns in the NH State House in Concord.   You would also have a seat on the Belknap County Delegation, which has the final say on the Belknap County budget and elects members to the Gunstock Area Commission, among other duties.  You’ll find it a challenging but rewarding role. 


If you are a civic-minded citizen who stands for fiscal responsibility and a vibrant economy, wants to protect our most vulnerable, and wants to put the common good of Belknap County people before party agendas, consider running for office to serve your community. 

WE WILL HELP YOU.   We’d love to have a conversation with you,.  We will support your candidacy within the county and can introduce you to experienced legislators who will offer guidance on how to file with the Secretary of State and start your campaign. 


Thanks for your interest in being a reasonable, responsible leader and difference maker for Belknap County.

Please click here to drop us a note right away so we may chat about your thoughts.


Prudy Morin Veysey  &  Al Posnack,


Citizens for Belknap

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