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The primary is behind us and the voters have spoken!  But there is more to do on November 8.

Watch this space for our updated bipartisan Voter's Guide.


See our recommendations    of candidates who will return Belknap County to reasonable, responsible representation - -

- - and those who won't!


CITIZENS FOR BELKNAP is a group of citizens from across the political spectrum with the common purpose of restoring reasonable, responsible, and representative government to our county. We are Republicans, we are Democrats, we are undeclared, we are united.


We are fed up with with runaway extremism   in our County Delegation. We are fed up with representatives who do not represent - but speak for a tiny fraction of their constituents.  And we are fed up with Free Staters and Libertarians who call themselves Republicans and are seeking to shrink the scope of state and local government.


We are committed to helping our citizens rid Belknap County of this invasive species at the ballot box this fall.                                             .


THE BELKNAP DELEGATION consists of 18 State Reps from our county.  Beyond their duties in Concord, they are also County Officials who act on important Belknap County matters.

A group of rogue legislators has taken over this Delegation. They no longer represent the citizens they pledged to serve. They have brought runaway extremism and an agenda that is harmful to the well-being of our county.

  • They are populated by Free Staters, whose beliefs and agendas are far outside the mainstream - - even supporting a bill for New Hampshire to secede from the U.S.

  • They have engaged in across-the-board budget chopping for vital services across our county, including the Belknap Nursing Home and the Sheriff's Department.

  • They are working to control Gunstock by using their appointment authority to select Gunstock Commissioners who will do their bidding in dismantling Gunstock.

Governor Chris Sununu said it best:

"The Libertarians are not Republicans. Okay?  I know a lot of them like to sign up as Republicans and pass themselves off as Republicans.  But they're not.  Not even remotely."     .



It is to remedy the situation described here. 


It is to help the citizens of Belknap undo the mess created by extremists and take back their county. 


It is to help elect representatives who will actually represent their constituents.


It is to rid our delegation of extremists who place their personal agendas above the wishes of the citizens of our county.

We will support qualified candidates in the primaries and general elections, through the media and through direct contact with voters.  As a nonpartisan organization we will support qualified candidates regardless of their party affiliation.


Your financial support is an investment in the future of Belknap County. Together we will get the job done.


Please contact us if you would like to help this effort in any way.



Please share your support for this vital organization with others who, like you, recognize the vital importance of the Citizens for Belknap cause.



Remember - 

Bad officials are elected by good

citizens who don't vote. 


Plan to vote in the September primaries

and the November general election


Your generous support will be essential if we are to succeed in taking back our county.


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