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Become a Supporter

Take action and sign up for our supporter list to stay informed.  In addition to joining our list, you'll also be asked if you will:

  • Help with the Campaign.  We have been successful because of our great volunteers in every Belknap County town!   


  • Write a Letter to the Editor or Contact your Rep -  Use our "Make Your Voice Heardtool for contacts and guidance on writing letters to media outlets and our Belknap County reps.


Like it or not, we must stand up to the extreme anti-county forces in the county.  We are already busy laying the groundwork for the Citizens for Belknap Voter's Guide,  and it takes money for signs, printing, advertising, and event costs.  

If you're able to chip in seed money for the campaign ahead ASAP, we'd be grateful. 

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Give Voters a Reasonable Option

In 2022 we showed that it could be done!

Some good, reasonable people stepped up to become citizen legislators and as a result six extremists were knocked out and several more were prevented from gaining seats!

in spite of that success, our county is still at risk. 

A number of seats are still held by individuals who do not represent the majority of Belknap County residents.  We are working hard to find reasonable, responsible candidates to occupy those seats!

LET US HELP YOU  become a successful candidate for state office.


CITIZENS FOR BELKNAP is a group of citizens from across the political spectrum with the common purpose of restoring reasonable, responsible, and representative government to our county. We are Republicans, we are Democrats, we are undeclared, we are united.

We are fed up with runaway extremism in our County Delegation. We are fed up with representatives who do not represent - but speak for a tiny fraction of their constituents.  And we are fed up with Free Staters and Libertarians who call themselves Republicans and are seeking to shrink the scope of state and local government.

We are committed to helping our citizens rid Belknap County of this invasive species at the ballot box this fall.        

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Make YOUR VOICE Heard!

  • Write your Representative

  • Submit Letters to the Editor

Try our EASY LINKS Page

TO DO IN 2024!

In 2022 the voters of Belknap County had had enough!  They removed six extremist legislators from our county delegation and blocked several more from gaining seats!


But the fight is far from over!  Six extremists remain on our delegation and several more are knocking on the door!  They have attacked Gunstock once again and are showing their true colors in other ways as well.

We need YOU, the voters of Belknap County, to rally once again and return reasonable responsible mainstream representation to the Belknap Delegation.

2021-22 was a dark time for Belknap County! The rogue legislators who took over our Delegation did not represent the citizens they pledged to serve. They brought runaway extremism and an agenda that was harmful to the well-being of our county. 

Governor Chris Sununu said it best:

"The Libertarians are not Republicans. Okay?  I know a lot of them like to sign up as Republicans and pass themselves off as Republicans.  But they're not.  Not even remotely."  



Please share your support for this vital organization with others who, like you, recognize the vital importance of the Citizens for Belknap cause.



Remember - 

Bad officials are elected by good

citizens who don't vote. 


Plan to vote in the September primaries

and the November general election


Your generous support will be essential if we are to succeed in taking back our county.


Please click to

make a difference! 

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