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District 3  -   Sanbornton / Tilton

Ms. Anderson is a candidate for State Rep.

​I am running for State Representative for Sanbornton and Tilton to offer voters an option. I have watched with growing alarm as the current Legislature has passed laws that favor a radical minority vision of government, one that favors the dismantling of institutions over the flourishing of communities.


I am a longtime resident of Sanbornton. After graduating from college I moved from the Midwest for New Hampshire to work at Spaulding Youth Center, where I stayed for over 20 years. I then worked at New Hampton School until I retired. I am a Supervisor of the Checklist in Sanbornton and never aspired to another elected office until this year.


I am a grandmother, a mother and a wife. I am very concerned about the future we are creating for subsequent generations. We need to act swiftly and decisively to set a path toward a sustaining and sustainable future.


I support commonsense measures including:


  • Promoting women’s rights, including the right to make their own medical decisions without government interference.

  • Shifting from dependence on fossil fuels to supporting alternative energy sources. Our current high electric rates have resulted from government        policies which rely on fossil fuels over diversification of power sources. Ending our use of fossil fuels is essential if we wish to mitigate the worst of  climate change effects.


  • Supporting high quality public education for all our students, rather than taking taxpayer money to support private schools.  Supporting teachers and  ending the “divisive concepts” rule, which is confusing and purposefully vague. Honesty in education benefits children.


  • Ensuring that large out of state companies pay their fair share…reversing the trend of downshifting costs to counties, cities and towns.


  • Promoting legislation which supports affordable housing. In NH it is very difficult for first-time homebuyers to find a house they can afford, and we need to ensure that elderly homeowners can afford to stay in their homes.


I believe in community, caring and compassion. We need legislators who will come together with the welfare and dignity of all people foremost in their minds. We should not abandon the institutions and the supports that are essential to building strong communities. 

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