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District 7  -  Alton / Barnstead

Ms. Comtois is currently a state representative and is running for re-election

Ms. Comtois is Endorsed by a Libertarian/Free Stater Group


The Liberty Alliance is a group that promotes an extreme Libertarian and Free State Libertarian agenda. They have rated all 424 of New Hampshire's legislators in terms of how well each of them conforms to their brand of Libertarian values.  Ms. Comtois, who pretends to be a Republican on the ballot, receives high marks from this group.  True Republicans may want to take this fringe endorsement under consideration before casting a ballot.  

Violated New Hampshire's Public Meeting Laws.

Ms. Comtois, as a member of the Gunstock Area Commission's "audit committee"  participated in two secret meetings of the committee, apparently violating New Hamsphire's 91-a public meetings requirements.   As state representatives sworn to uphold NH's constitution, they not only knew better, they failed the voters of Belknap County.

Please see the full Laconia Daily Sun story here:

As Gunstock audit finally arrives, committee's lack of Right to Know compliance raises questions about public access, transparency

Refused to Condemn January 6 Violence

A resolution was proposed in the New Hampshire House of Representatives condemning the violence in Washington, DC.  Ms. Comtois voted against a rules change that would've allowed that motion to be voted on by the full house.  The resolution to condemn the violence was never voted on, and therefore failed.

Click here to read a letter describing that event.

Voted to Block Gunstock Seasonal Loan


In 2018 Ms. Comtois voted to block the annual bridge loan (Revenue Anticipation Note) which would have cut off the oxygen to Gunstock's operations.   This was a routine annual process to allow Gunstock's management to invest in the coming season before the revenue flow began.


Her vote was finally overridden by other delegates.

Supported Underfunding of Nursing Home, Sheriff's Department and Corrections Department.

Ms. Comtois put our elder citizens in serious jeopardy by underfunding the county nursing home. The primary mission of the county nursing home is to take care of the elder poor where 85% of the residents are supported by federal Medicaid funding. Due to underfunding the budget for critical staffing, the nursing home remains at only 54% occupancy (check figure) with over 100 on the waiting list to get in.

And as s a willing delegation participant, Ms. Comtois undermined the county Sheriff’s and corrections budgets.

From the Laconia Daily Sun - September 9, 2022


"Comtois has been in her seat since 2016. She was not able to be reached for this article, but recently submitted a column to The Daily Sun about the Gunstock issue, criticizing the management team's walkout as “political theater” and “disrespectful toward Belknap County citizens.”

In her column, Comtois reiterated that it was not possible for the county delegation to sell or lease out Gunstock to a private entity, despite countywide discussion of that concern.

According to a Citizens Count survey, Comtois is opposed to minimum wage increase, instituting sales and income tax, mail-in voting, extending New Hampshire's renewable energy portfolio, marijuana legalization and repealing the state's 24-week abortion ban.

Comtois is in favor of decreasing business taxes, banning abortion during the first trimester, and conditional affidavit ballots for new voters who did not possess identification. Comtois also voted to keep the education freedom account program.

In addition to her six years of service as a member of the House, Comtois has over 20 years of agriculture experience running Sticks and Stones Farm in Barnstead. She is also on the Environment and Agriculture Committee.

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