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Mr. Glassman is currently Belknap County Registrar of Probate and is running for re-election

I am presently serving my 3 rd term as the Register of Probate in Belknap County. I am running to continue my work with the other 9 county Registers, the Secretary of State, the State Senators, and the State Representatives to continue our efforts to reinstate the Probate customer service responsibility in order to reduce the financial burden encountered by many residents upon the death of a family member

The Register of Probate is a Constitutional position that was established in the 1880’s by amendment to the New Hampshire State Constitution. Responsibilities included providing customer service to the residents of New Hampshire, assisting them with filing the necessary information related to deaths in families, and limiting the need for costly attorneys to only the most complicated probate cases. This position also included archiving important records. 

However, in 2011, most of the responsibilities of the New Hampshire Registers of Probate were shifted to the judicial branch of our government, reducing the responsibilities of the Register of Probate to just one item, the archiving of documents. This left a major void. The judicial department developed an online system that requires computer literacy. Those residents who are unable to navigate this online system must now bear the expense of hiring an attorney. Feedback from many NH residents after encountering very limited assistance at the courthouse is that they have been advised to seek an attorney if they are unable to properly submit the necessary information. If we still had functioning Registers of Probate to help, most residents would not have to deal with attorneys and their associated legal fees. 

Alan Glassman, Register of Probate

201-965-2377 (Cell)

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