District 5  -  Laconia Wards 1, 3, 4, 5, 6

Mr. Littlefield is currently a state representative and is Running for reelection

​Mr. Littlefield's Voting Record Speaks for Itself

The following summary appeared in a Laconia Daily Sun letter to the editor on September 20.

Supported an abortion ban with no exception for rape or incest with penalties to the physician.

Supported the Educational Freedom Account Program which is $15 million over budget with 90% of the monies going to private and religious schools. When given the opportunity to repeal this disaster of a program, he was recorded as Not Voting/Excused.

Supported a bill prohibiting the state or city police from enforcing federal gun laws.

Supported the “banned concepts” law which forbids the teaching of certain vaguely defined concepts related to racism, sexism and other topics. It puts teachers in fear of a civil liability lawsuit. When given an opportunity to repeal this law, he was recorded as Not Voting/Excused.

Voted to table a bill establishing greenhouse gas emission reduction goals for the state and establishing a climate action plan. New Hampshire is the only New England state without a statutory mandate for greenhouse gas reductions.

Voted to kill the bill prohibiting open carry or display of a deadly weapon within 100 feet of a polling station.

Voted against a bill to expand and clarify Legislative Ethics Committee statues around hate speech. This bill was created in response to state Reps. James Spillane and Dawn Johnson posting racist antisemitic images and text without sanction.

Voted against banning firearms on the House floor chamber.

Did not vote on a bill requiring a background check prior to any commercial firearms sales.

Supported a Parental Bill of Rights, which would obligate schools to inform parents/guardians of a child who may be LGBTQ.