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District 6  -  Gilford, Gilmanton, Laconia Ward 2

Mr. McLean is a candidate for State Rep.

Please allow me to introduce myself.  


I am a 50+ year resident of Belknap County and a 28 year homeowner in Gilford.  I've been married to my wife Jennifer for 24 years and I have 3 children.  My two youngest children have just graduated back to back from Gilford High School, which makes me familiar with the exceptional public school system in Gilford and Gilmanton.


I am familiar with Laconia's school system as my children have participated alongside Laconia students at the Huot Center, American Legion and Babe Ruth baseball, LR Lacrosse and Lakes Region United Soccer. Maintaining a high level of public education is a key point of my campaign.


I have been a ski instructor at Gunstock for 10+ years, so the successful operation of our county owned recreation area is very important to me. I will work hard to ensure that Gunstock continues to be an example of what is good here in Belknap County now, and preserve it for future generations.


The reasons that brought me to run for public office are the mounting threats to our democracy, the homeless and addiction issues in our communities, the climate crisis and the issue of women's right to choose.

I look forward to addressing the issues facing Belknap county, the State of New Hampshire and the United States of America. 




Bob McLean

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