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District 4  -  Belmont

Mr. O'Hara is currently a state rep and is running for re-election.

Dear Belmont Voters:


I am honored to ask again for your vote for NH State Representative for Belmont’s District 4.  I am a young, patriotic, true Conservative Republican. Like you, I work to protect my family, the Granite State, and America by promoting the values we all hold dear.   


In Concord, I’ll continue to keep our state budgets lean and defend the “New Hampshire Advantage,” giving our businesses the freedom to hire and reinvest in their communities.  


I support Education Freedom; parents should decide – not the government – what is adequate for their children.   I voted for Education Savings Accounts, providing school choice without tax increases.  I supported expanding the eligibility of the Education Tax Credit, providing more educational options for families and children.  I also support promoting access to school curriculum materials for parents to review, banning discrimination from NH's classrooms, and Improving our current homeschooling laws.


I will defend the Second Amendment, any citizen should be able to stand their ground on their property, and we must keep the Biden administration from using executive orders to curb our right to constitutionally carry - whether it’s the type of arms or their parts.


My record proves that I am a Fiscal Conservative. I helped to decrease state spending by 3%, $100 million in direct property tax relief (lowering Statewide Property Tax).  I supported reducing the Meals and Rentals Tax (9.01% to 8.5%), reducing the Business Enterprise Tax (0.6% to 0.55%), and reducing the Business Profits Tax, TWICE (7.7% to 7.6%, and then to 7.5%). I voted to Eliminate the Interest and Dividends Tax over five years, making NH officially an income tax-free state and helping protect retirees' hard-earned savings.


While I support low taxes, we must also care for our citizens.   I voted to increase the Meals and Rentals Tax sharing to municipalities by $50.5 million and designate $100 million in funding to combat substance abuse.   I supported $8 million for community health programs and crisis teams and $3 million to help veterans and seniors.   I supported the VOLUNTARY Paid Family and Medical Leave Program to allow caregivers to take time off they need to care for a loved one.  And because I believe in government transparency, I voted to allocate $1 million for law enforcement body cameras.   


We must restore faith in our elections, so I voted to protect New Hampshire's elections from the federal mandates in the "For the People Act" in the state, county, and local elections.  I voted to authorize an audit of the Windham State Representative Race, mandated photographs to be taken of voters who register using the affidavit form, voted for provisions stopping voter fraud and double voting, and supported mandating our towns to conduct thorough procedures for verifying voter checklist.  


Our law enforcement needs our full support, so I have and will continue to defend, not defund, our law enforcement and other first responders.   I will protect qualified immunity for first responders and public employees, vote to end the “catch and release” of violent criminals and fix  NH's bail system.   We must also, while we provide resources for drug treatment, continue to work on drug trafficking interdiction aimed at preventing the supply of illegal drugs from entering NH. 


I support protecting life throughout life, I believe in Life & Liberty, I do not support abortions after fetal viability, except when a mother’s life is in danger, and we must end partial-birth abortions. Also, we need to cut the bureaucratic "red tape" and allow ANY willing and able household to foster or adopt children; life, inside and outside the womb.


In  Belknap County, I’ll ensure that our valuable county institutions, like Gunstock Mountain Resort and our nursing home, are given the opportunity to thrive and contribute to our county budget.  I’ll work to get the legal bills resulting from the last several months of chaos under control and stop wasting taxpayer money.  And I’ll ensure that our Sheriff’s department and County Corrections department have the resources to keep our families safe.


I am a true Conservative and will work every day for you, your family, our state, and our county. My only agenda is to follow the motto "People over Project," meaning I represent the people of Belmont, not a political project or even my party. I ask for your vote and your continued confidence to always listen, respond, and of course, be your State Representative in Concord!


Your State Representative, 


Travis J. O’Hara

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