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District 5  -  Laconia Wards 1,3,4,5,6

Mr. St.Clair is a candidate for State Rep.

Born and raised in Laconia. Served Two terms in the NH House. At the time my District covered both Laconia and Belmont. As a member of the belknap county delegation, I voted for the funding that was

asked for by the County Commission for the needs of the County.


During the last two years I have been dismayed what the Delegation has done to the County nursing home, and  the interference with the Gunstock Commission. This would include appointing commissioners to the Gunstock Commission strictly to move their agenda. The micromanaging of the individual county departments should not be the job of the delegation. That should be left to the county commissioners.


Good Reasoning and common sense should go a long way when a member of the delegation, that obviously has not taken place for the last two years. If elected that would be my goal to bring to the Delegation and the state house in Concord.

Happy Trails,
Charlie St. Clair

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