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District 8  -  Belmont / Sanbornton / Tilton

Mr. Trottier is a State Rep and is running for reelection.

I have announced my candidacy as a Republican candidate for N.H. State Rep.  in District #6. I am married with five wonderful children. I am a resident of Belmont and have been for well over 25 years. I have served in public safety for over 29 years and have been a small business owner. I personally understand the struggles with increasing taxes, difficulties of operating a small business in New Hampshire and the attacks on our public safety members.

I am a believer and supporter of the U.S. and New Hampshire Constitutions. As a citizen of the United State and New Hampshire, it personally bothers me when the Constitution comes under unjust attacks. I support all amendments of the Constitution, however the ones I have seen come under attack in the recent years are the 1st and 2nd Amendments. I will fight to protect the citizen’s rights under the Constitution to ensure they are not infringed upon. As a supporter of our public safety members, those who serve this great State of New Hampshire, I will provide the support they need to continue to make New Hampshire a safe place to live or visit.

As a fiscal conservative, I understand funds are needed to operate the state; however, I will fight for lower taxes and will work to control unnecessary spending. Under my plan the citizens will not see an increase, but should see the decrease in their tax bill while the services still remain intact and are managed favorably. I will work to support and promote small business in New Hampshire, whereas a majority of our employers are small and family-owned companies.

As your state rep., I would represent your best interest and would bring your thoughts and ideas to Concord. I would ask everyone to communicate with me, keeping me informed of your concerns. I would attend the regular scheduled sessions to ensure your interest is heard and I will vote on articles that are in the best interest of the people of District #6 and N.H.

I feel it is time for change in our N.H. House of Representatives. We need new representative with new ideas that are willing to listen to the people they serve to move N.H. forward in a positive manner.

I am asking for your support and vote on September 8. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

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