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County Commission District 2  -  Gilmanton / Belmont / New Hampton / Sanbornton / Tilton

Mr. Waring is currently a County Commissioner and is running for re-election.

To the residents of Gilmanton, Belmont, Tilton, Sanbornton, and New Hampton: My name is Glen Waring and I request your vote in the Republican primary on September 13th for the District 2 Belknap County Commissioner seat.

I grew up in Goffstown and have lived in NH all of my life. Currently, I reside in Gilmanton, with my wife and two adult sons. After graduating from Goffstown High school, I attended New Hampshire College (now Southern New Hampshire University) earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration/Accounting.

Throughout my 30 years of professional finance experience I have shown the ability to create, analyze, and manage budgets in excess of $30 million. I am what you would expect in a “bean counter” – high attention to detail, cost conscious, fiscally conservative and bottom line oriented. I understand current obligations, requirements, and also can use financial tools to predict future revenues and expenses to plan accordingly. In addition, I also have a proven record of achievement with a keen ability to build and direct teams through strong leadership, effective management, motivation, and staff development.

I would like to emphasize my ability to be able work collaboratively with all relative individuals in an effort to maximize efficiencies, and I look forward to being able to continue to work with the other County Commissioners finding opportunities for savings and keep our taxes low. One of my continued goals for Belknap County, should I be re-elected, will be to not only maintain the current level of fiscal responsibility, but too also set forth a path to long-term fiscal responsibility through long range budgeting and forecasting.

For those that may not be aware, the primary responsibilities of the County Commissioners (Governing Body); is to formulate and recommend an annual county budget to the County Delegation (Legislative Body); manage the county budget after it is passed by the County Delegation; authorize all expenditures and direct them to be paid by the County Treasurer; and to set, review and govern all County policies.

It is due to my 30 years of professional experience, my past six years as the District 2 (Barnstead, Gilmanton, Belmont, Tilton) County Commissioner, along with being a Belknap County resident for more than a quarter of a century that makes me uniquely qualified for the position of County Commissioner.

Thank you for taking the time to read, and again I ask for your vote at the Republican primary on September 13th. Please send me an email at should you have any questions or would like to reach me.

Glen Waring, Gilmanton
Belknap County Commissioner, District 2

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