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District 6  -  Gilford / Gilmanton / Laconia Ward 2

Mr. Aldrich is currently a state representative and is running for re-election

Supported a bill for New Hampshire to secede from the USA.

Mr. Aldrich was a supporter of Senate Bill CACR32 which proposed an amendment that would have New Hampshire secede from the United States.     The last line of that bill reads: 

IF THE AMENDMENT IS ADOPTED, New Hampshire will peaceably declare independence from the United States of America and proceed as its own sovereign nation.

Read the bill's full text HERE.

The bill was rejected on the house floor by a vote of 323 to 13  


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Mr. Aldrich is Endorsed by a Libertarian/Free Stater Group


The Liberty Alliance is a group that promotes an extreme Libertarian and Free State Libertarian agenda. They have rated all 424 of New Hampshire's legislators in terms of how well each of them conforms to their brand of Libertarian values.  Mr. Aldrich, who pretends to be a Republican on the ballot, receives high marks from this group.  True Republicans may want to take this fringe endorsement under consideration before casting a ballot.  

Refused to Condemn January 6 Violence

A resolution was proposed in the New Hampshire House of Representatives condemning the violence in Washington, DC.  Mr. Aldrich voted against a rules change that would've allowed that motion to be voted on by the full house.  The resolution to condemn the violence was never voted on, and therefore failed.

Click here to read a letter describing that event.

Mr. Aldrich is a proud member of the Lakes Region Porcupines.

The Lakes Region Porcupines is local organization focused on supporting Libertarian and Free Stater values.

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