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District 5  -  Laconia Wards 1,3,4,5,6

Mr. Bogert is a candidate for State Rep.

Steven Bogert's comments from Laconia Daily Sun article - September 2, 2022

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For challenger Bogert, the Gunstock situation was a reflection of partisanship, bickering and extremism in American politics, something he’d like to step away from.

“Maybe it’s time we evolved that type of government into a different form,” Bogert said of the current organizational setup of Gunstock. “I wouldn’t mind seeing if our county government couldn’t be morphed into something more self-determined. It seems to me we elect three county commissioners, and all the hard work they do representing the people of the county gets dragged through the delegation.”

Bogert, who calls himself an open-minded Republican, continued: “Everything seems to be in a stalemate situation where no matter what someone is coming up with, it’s whatever party is in power is what gets done.”

- - - -

Bogert is currently the clerk for Ward 5 in Laconia and has been on the zoning board for about 20 years. During that time, he’s grown increasingly concerned with housing availability and affordability in the area.

“I’ve raised two kids here through the high school and system in Laconia,” Bogert said. “I’ve sent them to college at NH and they both had to leave the area so they could afford to live.”

- - - -

“When I say affordable housing, I’m not talking about slum housing,” Bogert explained. “I’m talking about something that is respectable where people can be proud to live in and contribute.”

Bogert referenced a proposed 90-unit apartment complex planned for Laconia’s south end that was approved by the zoning board in 2021 as a boost to city housing issues. He also cited the soon-to-be-sold State School property as a strong opportunity to improve housing in Belknap County.

“There’s enough property out there it can fulfill a large amount of requirements for our local society,” Bogert said, stating a multi-income housing development as a possible use for the land. “We could have multi-income levels of housing and have more businesses so you can live over there, work over there, which then helps to reduce the footprint on the roads and stuff, so maybe people most of the time can walk or ride to work. That property is nicely located next to the industrial park where we have factories.”

Bogert touted his campaign slogan as “for our future,” and emphasized the region’s need not only to grow, but adapt to the current times.

“With the advent of new technology, if society itself even at a local level does not adjust itself, then it’s going to be left behind,” Bogert said, referencing increased remote work opportunities and shifting demographics. “Then people are going to move to other areas and then you end up with more issues than you gained by not addressing the future with the current plans.”

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