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District 2  -  Meredith

Mr. Coker is a candidate for State Rep.

I am Matt Coker and I am running to be your New Hampshire State Representative to represent you and the people of Meredith in Belknap County and in Concord.


I am a loving husband to my wonderful wife Chelsea and a devoted father of three. I feel extremely grateful to live and raise my family in the town of Meredith. I’m an airline pilot so during covid had a little extra time on my hands, I started following local politics and was surprised by what I saw. Some of the representatives weren’t representing their communities but instead seemed to be pursuing their own political crusades at the expense our community.

A little-known aspect of being a state rep is managing the county budget. In recent years I have been a vocal advocate for our county’s various departments and offices as an engaged citizen. If elected I will ensure the Sheriff has the funds he needs to be on the front line of our local struggles with drugs. I will rebuild relationships with community services and support restoring the robust mental health services we once had. I will support the nursing home so that we can bring it back to capacity and put a dent in the unnecessarily long waiting list. Gunstock is a local treasure, I will vote to preserve its unique nature and keep it a community owned asset. What I won’t do is vote to secede from the United States of America. I will support our community, not work to dismantle it.

Too many times many of our current state representatives on the Belknap County Delegation have made short sighted decisions based on scoring political points with their outside fringe political base. I’m tired of my tax dollars going to lawyers to fund frivolous witch hunts and settle personal vendettas. I will be a voice of reason and a tireless advocate for my community. I will work alongside other community minded representatives to preserve and protect Meredith and Belknap County.

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