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District 7  -  Alton / Barnstead

Mr. Copithorne is a candidate for State Rep.

Steve Copithorne lives in Alton and has served the public for 30 years through his work providing guidance for Belkap County’s disabled community through Lakes Region Community Services.  


He was compelled to run because of the actions of the current state representatives, both at the state and county levels.  The chaos at Gunstock reminded everyone that the Free State representatives want to destroy our county institutions and privatize them, which is not what the majority of the public supports.   The current Delegation has micromanaged the people’s assets, and he said that he would like to allow the county managers to do their job, and prove that good government can work for the people.


He supports proper funding for public education and opposes the overruns of taxpayer funding for private education, alternative programs for helping NH citizens be more energy responsible and independent, and encouragement of affordable workforce housing, which is holding back the economy.  He also feels that the ridiculously-low minimum wage is also detrimental to the economy, by not allowing our lower-wage workers to buy homes, goods, and services, therefore not contributing to the larger economy.   Likewise, the county should be paying its workers competitive wages, so that the nursing home and corrections department can be competitive.


Steve looks forward to an opportunity to serve – truly serve – the constituents of Alton and Barnstead.

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