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District 6  -  Gilford / Gilmanton / Ward 2 Laconia

Mr. Dumais is a candidate for State Rep.

I have served my community for decades, as outlined below. Having served Belknap County in the state legislature, and having served as a Gunstock Area Commissioner, I can say that I am not happy with what I am seeing in those two bodies. 


Many of our legislators hold extreme views and, more importantly do not represent the citizens who they pledged to serve. Further by putting the Gunstock Area Commission under siege during the last year, they have created a body that no longer serves the best interests of the Gunstock Mountain Resort, and of the people of Belknap County.


My goals in running for the house are very simple:  I want to help remove the cloud that hangs over our County delegation, and restore Belknap County's government to its citizens. Those who have come to know me during my 54 years in this community know that I have never been afraid to speak out about what I believe, in a very direct fashion!   If elected to the position of state rep, I will continue to be outspoken not only with the Belknap County Delegation, but in Concord as well.


I’ve been  a resident of Gilford NH for 54 years. During that time I’ve served on  a number of appointed and elective offices. Here is a brief summary of my background:


  • Member of the Gilford Planning Boards

  • Zoning Board of Adjustments

  • 3 term Selectmen: total 9 yrs – Town of Gilford

  • Former Member of NH General Court

  • 5 yr Gunstock Area Commission

  • Commission of NH Water Supply and Pollution Control  Board: 1985 to 1995

  •  Taught and coached at Laconia High School for 8 yrs

  • NEA negotiated teachers contracts

  • Developed and built Alpine Ridge

  • Alpine Ridge summer: consisted of Alpine slide and water rides overseeing 70 employees

  • Alpine Ridge winter:  ski operations, snow making operation

  • Built and operated Airport Country Store Rte 11 Gilford



  • Plymouth State class 0f 1965

  • University of Conn/Economics 1969


I believe with my business background and various positions I’ve held,  give me a unique insight into how business should be conducted that will bring stability and common sense.


Please call me any time with any questions.   603 344-8416




Russ Dumais

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