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District 5  -  Laconia Wards 1,3,4,5,6

Mr. Hoffman is a candidate for State Rep.

I'm running for State Representative because the problems that face New Hampshire need real solutions, not political extremism. 

About me

I was born on April 6th, 1979 in Reading Pennsylvania. I grew up in the rural town of Fleetwood and received my bachelor's degree in Electro-Mechanical Engineering from Penn State University.

​I currently live and work in Laconia, and since 2016 have been a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of New Hampshire. I am employed as a mechanical engineer and designs HVAC systems for healthcare facilities, educational campuses and commercial buildings. 


I have been a lifelong political activist and as 43 year old middle class person with 3 children, a mortgage, student loans, and all the other typical middle class problems and concerns, I feel my point of view better represents the people of Laconia than many of their current elected officials.

I am running for State Representative because our current state government has been too focused on hyperpartisan issues instead of focusing on improving the lives of New Hampshire's citizens. I believe that voting rights and a strong public education system are essential to a functioning democracy, and that New Hampshire needs common sense legislation to solve the housing crisis, the opioid epidemic and to push the economy forward.

I'm ready to fight for the city of Laconia, and I believe the following issues should be a priority to benefit the people of New Hampshire. 

  • Protect our Voting Rights

  • Protect and Strengthen our Public School System

  • Reduce the Cost of Housing

  • Find Real Solutions to the Opioid Epidemic

  • Investment in Clean Energy

Voting Rights

Voting rights have been under attack in New Hampshire. Legislation driven by false and thoroughly debunked claims about the 2020 presidential election has been passed by the NH state house and is headed for the Governor's desk. Restricting provisional ballots or mail-in voting reduces access to voting, and make no mistake, this is the point. Political extremism can only succeed if the reasonable majority does not vote.

The Environment

New Hampshire is falling behind the rest of New England when it comes to renewable energy. This is translating to higher energy costs for residents of New Hampshire and a greater impact on the environment compared to neighboring states. The beauty of our natural landscape is one of New Hampshire's greatest assets, and we should be among the nations leading states in environmental protection, not trailing behind our neighbors.

Public Education

Political extremists have been hard at work in New Hampshire to cripple and dismantle the public school system. Under the guise of innocent and helpful sounding concepts like "School Choice" and "Parental Bill of Rights" these programs are an attempt to defund and disempower our public schools. We must properly fund and empower our schools, and not allow them to be replaced by a culture of science denial, extremism, and alternate history.


A shortage of housing in New Hampshire is resulting in rapidly increasing housing costs. This increase in housing costs is driving up the price of other goods and services, stifling the economy, and creating significant financial hardships for residents. The lack of affordable housing in many communities is discouraging young professionals from relocating here, creating labor shortages, and contributing to the rate of homelessness. To spur continued economic growth, new home construction needs to be encouraged at the state level, and housing inventories increased.


I want to hear from you! Please reach out with an email, phone call, txt message, find me on social media. I'd like to hear about what issues are important to you and what I can do to best represent you.

This campaign is funded by small donations from voters like you. Please make a contribution at:

Thank you so much for your support!

Eric Hoffman

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