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District 6  -  Gilford / Gilmanton / Laconia Ward 2

Dr.  Nagel is a candidate for State Rep.

To my neighbors in Gilmanton, Gilford and Ward 2 of Laconia, I have chosen to seek election to represent you, the people of Belknap County District 6, in the New Hampshire House of Representatives.

I have lived in New Hampshire for 37 years, the past 27 in Gilmanton. I began my career as the Medical Director of Easter Seals and then Concord Orthopaedics where I am about to celebrate my 32 nd anniversary.

What I love about New Hampshire is that it is so easy to get involved, to make a

difference. Through my activities, I have come to find that what we accomplish here,

has the potential to resonate throughout the country, and, sometimes beyond.

It has been my honor to serve our community locally, regionally, and nationally in

many regards. In my roles as physician, policy maker, author, volunteer, and

benefactor, I have served the needs of the stigmatized, particularly those who suffer

from pain, addiction, and mental health disorders. My book Needless Suffering, sold on

4 continents, has been described as a “self help book for society” and a blueprint for

public policy in creating a balance between the social and public health crises these

disorders create.


I have created a number of advocacy groups locally and nationally to

advance these causes and have co-authored and passed creative, first in the nation

legislation to both support those who suffer, and to empower them and their families.

In all I do, I believe my role is to bring people together. While I endorse long

held Republican beliefs of personal responsibility, hard work, self-sufficiency, fiscal

responsibility, family integrity, mentorship, faith, and charity, I also believe that the

complex social problems we face require complex solutions that can only be achieved

through thoughtful discussion. All opinions have value and should be respected and

listened to. Sometimes solutions come from surprising sources. I have also come to

understand that when some voices are not heard, the outcome of policy decisions can

be disastrous…sometimes even deadly.

I am very proud that in all my advocacy and legislative work I have been able to

function in a bi-partisan manner, and I am proud that in my endeavor to serve you as

your representative, I have bipartisan support.

It is my concern that partisan politics has created an adversarial environment in

Concord that unnecessarily divides us and has the potential to harm those most

vulnerable. The recent events relating to Gunstock Mountain Resort represent the tip

of a legislative iceberg that needs to change, and I intend to be a part of that change.

I ask your support in helping me return sensibility to Concord and our political



Please check out my website, to learn more about my

priorities for New Hampshire.

David Nagel, MD

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