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District 7  -  Alton / Barnstead

Mr. Varney is currently a state representative and is running for re-election

According to the Citizens Count survey, Mr. Varney expresses disfavor for mail-in voting, repealing the 24-week abortion ban, expanding renewable energy, increasing minimum wage, implementing sales and income tax, and imposing stricter gun control laws. Varney is against a business tax decrease.

The survey stated Varney is in favor of conditional affidavit ballots for new voters, and banning abortion in the second trimester.

Varney has seven years of office under his belt, and sponsored HB 295 in 2015 and 2016, which corrected “a reference in the housing law to municipal agreements regarding the construction of parking facilities.”

Outside of politics, Varney is the fire chief of the New Durham Fire Department and owns several businesses, including Granite State Armory and ATS Applied Technical Services, LLC, according to his Facebook page.

Mr. Varney is Endorsed by a Libertarian/Free Stater Group


The Liberty Alliance is a group that promotes an extreme Libertarian and Free State Libertarian agenda. They have rated all 424 of New Hampshire's legislators in terms of how well each of them conforms to their brand of Libertarian values.  Mr. Varney, who pretends to be a Republican on the ballot, receives high marks from this group.  True Republicans may want to take this fringe endorsement under consideration before casting a ballot.  

Missing in Action!


For the recent session there were 260 recorded votes. Rep Varney is listed as “Not Voting/Not Excused” for 121 votes or 47 % of the time missing. Alton and  Barnstead voters need to have a Representative who works for them.

Further, Mr. Varney has sponsored just one piece of legislation in his 8 years in office!

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